Frequently Asked Questions

At Boom Box Grow we believe in making hobbies fun and accessible for all, including growing mushrooms! Wether you are growing for delicious culinary pursuits, wanting to take control of your health, or just checking it out, we are your one-stop shop for tools and tips on mycelium growing. Please read our FAQs below for information on where to get started and how to use the boomgrow system. 


What does "inoculation" mean? 

To introduce a living spore or culture into a sterile environment involving a food source 

What is the difference between mycelium and the mushroom?
A very simple analogy is the mycelium is the tree (roots and branches), while the mushrooms are the fruit (oranges from the tree). 
Why is it important to maintain a sterile environment?
Mycelium and other bacteria compete for space to grow. A sterile environment reduces the opportunity for other contaminants to take hold in the space.
What does a "colonized boombag" look like?  
A successful colonized boombag should be firm and bright white with an almost marshmallow like visual appearance encompassing 100% of the grain surface area
What does it mean that "boombag arrives sterilized and ready for inoculation"?
We cook (to release the sugars) and sterilize the grain to kill off any bacteria that might be growing. Creating a clean slate for the mycelium to grow with limited to no competition. This is the most sterile opportunity for success when injecting BoomBag with mushroom spores (inoculation). 
What is the difference between sorghum, popcorn, and millet? 
The main difference in grain is surface area; the most being millet and the least being popcorn, all contain relative values in nutrients.
The second difference is growers preference, we want to give you the freedom to learn what your own style is! 
Third the ease of "punching" the bag the larger the grain makes this process less laborious.
Why do you recommend using millet?
We believe it to be the best for surface area.  Millet is smaller size per piece compared to a piece of popcorn. The surface area coverage is significantly higher, allowing the mycelium to grow stronger and faster from our observations. 
Where can I find syringes of spores/cultures?
Spores and cultures are readily available on the internet and found using basic search engines. 
We are excited to announce boombox is in the process of teaming up with a top shelf producer and hope to have them available soon. To receive notification once available, please sign up for our newsletters!
Does the boomgrow system work for all types of mushrooms?
No. This works for many forms, but some mushrooms need different environments to grow well. If you’re not sure, check if your choices in mushrooms are soil or dung loving. The boombox was specifically designed to grow P. Cubensis (dung-loving mushrooms). 

Can I grow psychedelic mushrooms?
As long as your strain is of P. Cubensis, we've got you covered! 
How do I decide which mushrooms to grow?
This is a personal choice, we have people who are growing edible, medicinal, unique, and psychedelic. Our intention is for you to explore and experiment. 
What is substrate and why do I need it?
This is the soil mushrooms grow in. It provides water and space for the mycelium to fruit in. Our substrate is a proprietary blend of ingredients designed specifically for P.Cubensis’s optimal growth and vigor.
Why does substrate have to be sterilized?
It doesn’t have to be. Our goal is that the mycelium has the cleanest opportunity to grow quickly and easily. 
What is in substrate?
We use coco coir and vermiculite as the main ingredients, along with a couple of trade secrets to help protect the mycelium from other bacteria.